Building High Performance Teams

  • How are high performance teams created?
  • What makes them work so closely together?
  • What drives their performance and results?
  • Where does a self-motivating team get its motivation?

How much a team trusts each other is a deciding factor in how open they can be and how well they will be able to work together.

A truly effective team recognises and respects the skills and components that every member brings to the overall effort, but more than that, a high performance team has a greater emotional awareness of the individual team members and how behaviours and communications will impact on outcomes.

Relationship development is a series of transactions; a sharing and acceptance of personal information that establishes and deepens rapport, respect, confidence and trust. In a high performance team there is a level of unconscious competence and interdependency that yields unspoken collaboration, a strong sense of sharing and pride in the team achievements.

These are typically missing in weak or low performing teams, where poor communication and co-operation result in lack of cohesion and direction. Members of these teams are distinctively risk-averse, sceptical of new ideas and unreceptive to change. Everyone defends their own position and seeks to claim any achievement as their own.  Without intervention low-performing teams can disrupt behaviour and morale throughout the organisation.

USP impact programmes look behind the root causes of weak teams and identify the environmental and structural influences to re- create close working unity, mutual regard and open communications. The effect is to greenhouse the development of high performance teams and injecting enthusiasm and confidence back into the working style.

Starting in the workplace, goals of the organisation and the team are identified and built into the intense 2-day residential programme. In six fully interactive sessions, delegates draw upon their own experiences and resources to review behaviour and attitudes and gain a deeper understanding of themselves and insight about others.

These revealing sessions build confidence, inspire collaboration and trust and provide the framework for meeting performance objectives through unified purpose, ownership and self-motivation. Further implementation sessions follow in the workplace, to embed the change principles and practices, and weave in the management support.

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