What Our Clients Say

'The USP Leadership & Team-Building Programme is an innovative, challenging course that is well worth going on if you are in a position of leadership'

Simon Ovens – Chief Superintendent – Metropolitan Police

'Uplifting, energising and a 'must do' if people want to stretch themselves and progress. If you are on a journey, when you start this course, it will add speed, direction and purpose. If you are not then it is about to start!!'

Jeffrey Davies – Chief Inspector London Operations – Metropolitan Police

'A very different approach to a key challenge we face in business – “How to improve your leadership skills”. Thoroughly Recommended'

Dave Wood – General Manager – Global Mobility Practice – BT PLC

'USP presented to around 200 experienced Sales Managers at our half-year conference. The bespoke session from USP was dynamic, energised and engaged everyone from the outset. Alongside the insights and learning there were valid business outputs to implement, as well as new information for delegates to take away. A sharp and snappy session – highly recommended'

Michelle Trickett-Smith – Head of Skills Transformation Programmes, BT PLC

'I have been challenged at every level of my being and I’ve been really surprised at my reaction to everything I’ve been through. Tough, emotional and I wouldn’t change it for the world'

Jane Swift - 21C CE Programme Director - President of BT Women’s Executive Network – BT PLC

'A Leadership course that endeavours to 'turn over stones' deep within each individual in order to reveal how change is actually within an individual's control. Well worth the journey'

Commander Cate Pope - HQ DCSA - Ministry of Defence

'A unique experience with real challenge; with demanding, thought provoking impact. A valuable training opportunity for leaders of all levels of experience.'

(Ex-Brigadier) Jeffrey Cook

'A challenging and invigorating programme that makes you get out of your comfort zone in a safe environment. It will inspire you to do things differently and think about your actions and the affect they have on others.'

Anita Broadhead – Senior Commercial Officer - DCSA – Ministry of Defence

'No matter who you are or what you do, if you lead a team, run a business or happen to be a CEO of a major corporation. You must not miss this course. It will challenge your views, ideals and communication skills. You will explore all emotions and arrive at the other end an enlightened leader.'

Gregory Warman – Area Director RBS

'We have been working with USP on building a new management culture of challenge and restless success within our business – creating a business that understands its customers, markets and people and how the three interact to create a great business for all our stakeholders. USP is challenging, demanding and takes even proven managers into new areas outside their comfort zone and is starting to yield a real step change in attitude and performance.'

Steve Pateman – Chief Executive, Business Banking, Royal Bank of Scotland

'Bloody hard work, but immensely rewarding. Makes you focus on your own leadership style, reflect, analyse and gives you the tools to refine this and enhance performance.'

Neil Harris – Area Director - RBS

'USP provided insightful & creative support to a series of Atkins Strategic Review & Business Development workshops - these were lively, thorough and delivered clear outcomes that have determined our objectives and how we will achieve them.'

Godfrey McFall - Business Development Director - Telecoms

'Thank you for your input and support at our recent conference. We emerged with some interesting new ideas and the team were re-energised for the challenging times ahead.'

Geoff Robins – Atkins Global

'On this course, you take some real risks and learn a great deal about yourself'

Dr Nick Whitehead – Head of Programme Delivery – W S Atkins

'I very much appreciate the support USP provided in developing our strategy; you did a great job in keeping us all moving forward and were fun to work with.'

Anthony Hardingham – Director - Telecoms - ATKINS

'USP delivered a series of thought-provoking workshops for our senior managers in the Business Banking division. We focused on developing Key Client Relationships and Communications and learned powerful techniques that will definitely improve our performance. Great value.'

Gordon Black – Regional Director, Business Banking

'The USP Leadership Programme got me to look at my role & vision as a leader, the importance of projecting my voice with passion and enthusiasm and how I can learn and grow through stepping out of my comfort zone.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience on the course. I have learnt more about myself and am sure further insights will come from my reflections on what I did and how I felt.'

Debbie Beauchamp – Standard Chartered Bank – Head of Business Development

'The key benefit of this course was the style – I really enjoyed the challenges and the intensity. It asks very strong questions about yourself – you cannot hide.

Went through many different emotions, at different times. Felt physically shattered by the end – but very pleased that I did it. I thoroughly enjoyed working with the other participants and felt supported throughout.'

Mark Bridges – HSBC Insurance – Senior Manager

'We benefited hugely from your input, not only in terms of all the work behind the scenes, from advice on arrangements to the booking of the conference venues but also your actual attendance at the conferences. We now recognise that getting the domestic arrangements right is as important as the content of the conference itself and this was reflected in the evaluation forms completed by the delegates.'

Joan Read - Joint Head of Enforcement Branch - Lord Chancellor's Department

'My colleagues and I held Sue McCauley in the highest possible regard.'

Richard Perry, Head of Resources, West Sussex County Council

'Sue has high levels of skill in engaging with a broad range of people.'

Nicholas Welch, Assistant Director, Oxfordshire County Council

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