Coaching & Mentoring

Learning to deal with new working situations or having to acquire a new management style can be daunting. It may be that you are encountering a new leadership approach, different responsibilities, a fresh mind-set or communications style. These challenges can leave individuals feeling undermined and out of their depth.

Our 'networking and lifestyle' coaching programme provides a confidential assessment of the new skills required. This is followed by an individually tailored approach whereby an individual can learn how to cope and deal with people and situations more effectively.

Our mentoring programme provides independent support and advice when you might be feeling isolated and exposed. As well as offering external perspectives and a safe sounding board for alternative solutions, we provide an opportunity to test and expand new ideas and thinking, before they are presented more widely.

The benefits include the opportunity to practise new styles and think 'out loud', leading to permanent step-change, measurable performance improvement and increased confidence.

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