Business Accelerator Programmes

Our Business Accelerator Programmes are tailored to achieve your company’s growth and development objectives. In our breakthrough 2 day residential programme we engage your team, in an intensive, emotional and insightful series of exercises and activities. These are meticulously applied to generate high impact through individual challenge, introspection and empowerment. The resulting increase in confidence, potential and focus creates the drive for personal and business achievement.

Back in the workplace our Implementation Workshops are tailored to meet your distinct business growth objectives. We work with delegates to identify what success looks like, how it will be achieved and measured and establish individual Action Plans to ensure immediate results. We seek to distinguish your customer service and products, at a granular level, to create genuine differentiation and competitive advantage.

Business Benefits

  • Fast-track team development – cascaded learning
  • Increased productivity and a proactive ‘sleeves rolled-up’ approach
  • Superlative and differentiated client relationship management – improving retention and growth
  • Effective networking – reduced budgets / focused results – better pipeline business
  • Improved business profile in the community – consistent quality reputation

We follow through to consolidate achievements and iron-out any remaining challenges, celebrating success and High Performance.

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“We are working with USP on building a new management culture of challenge and restless success within our business – creating a business that understands its customers, markets and people and how the three interact to create a great business for all our stakeholders. USP is challenging, demanding and takes even proven managers into new areas outside their comfort zone and is starting to yield a real step change in attitude and performance.”

Steve Pateman – Chief Executive, Business Banking, Royal Bank of Scotland


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