Employee Engagement and High Performance Working

Employee engagement is defined as ‘the discretionary effort that individuals apply to fully utilising their skills’. It describes employees who apply their skills, initiative and efforts to achieve an outcome in the most effective, efficient and innovative way. Engagement is driven by inspirational leaders who galvanise employees to utilise their abilities and give them the responsibility, resources and autonomy to get on with the job. Employee engagement can boost performance by up to 200%, through:

  • increased productivity
  • enhanced profit margins
  • higher turnover
  • improved safety levels
  • better quality and customer satisfaction
  • lower levels of absenteeism
  • decreased safety incidents
  • reduced shrinkage

Changing Attitudes & Behaviour

Our report on the 'Causes Costs and Resolution of Disengagement' , has identified the 11 Leading Causes of Employee Disengagement and sets out the necessary business and leadership actions required to resolve these issues, re-engage their employees and transform performance. Our slide pack ‘Employee Engagement for Outstanding Performance’ provides further insights and the process to lift your organisation to a higher level of success and achievement.

Our report "11 Leading Causes of Disengagement" can be downloaded by clicking here.

Our report "Employee Engagement for Outstanding Performance" can be downloaded by clicking here.

USP are specialists in creating High Performance teams and individuals. Our Impact Programmes inspire, motivate and challenge to deliver Business Goals and we transform behaviour and attitude to achieve Active Engagement. We track implementation and benchmark Best Practice and achieve 100% Positive Feedback from our delegates.


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