Executive Leadership Training

No matter what their walk in life, our best bosses, leaders and role models display the same qualities and characteristics that demand admiration and respect. But what are they?

  • What makes Leaders stand apart?
  • What is the ‘wow’ factor?
  • How can you develop the ‘Magic of Thinking Big’?

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Executive Leadership Training From USP

The USP impact programmes for executive leadership training are 48-hour residential courses designed to draw out leadership qualities and capabilities. They are unique in concept and delivery style and have enduring results.

Hallmarks of the course

  • The style of delivery – experiential - tough & challenging from start to finish - recharging/energising
  • Makes delegates question their thinking and understand their belief system - building confidence and trust
  • Reveals individual prejudices and preconceptions - developing self-awareness and exploring pre-judgement
  • Gets delegates to benchmark their attitudes against their experiences - do I do that?/why do I do that?/can I do that?
  • Takes delegates out of their comfort zones continuously – developing creative/ authoritative/explorative traits
  • Makes delegates focus on their thoughts and actions – developing coherence/ consistence/conscious choice - articulated vision

Find out how you can benefit from Executive Leadership Training through USP.

For more information contact Nicki Gilham on 0870 428 2614


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