Integrated Marketing & PR
- ten steps to creating impact

Fragmented initiatives and activities give confused messages to your target audience. They are ineffective and can be wasteful of your time and resources. Organisations need to decide what they want to achieve from their marketing and communications programme and devise a comprehensive campaign to obtain the desired results.

We can provide an independent review of your programme or we can tailor a programme to fit your organisation to ensure maximum impact and identifiable new business rewards.

The following steps will ensure that your marketing programme is designed around your specific business development objectives. They are detailed more comprehensively in the complete article.


    1. Setting specific objectives and success criteria
    2. Developing useful alliances
    3. Identifying industry sector/function topical issues
    4. Evolving interactive communications
    5. Building robust business to business relationships
    6. Raising profile within the sector
    7. Developing networking opportunities
    8. Getting the most out of the marketing/pr effort
    9. Tracking & Monitoring Performance
    10. Linking to motivation and reward



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