Leadership Skills Development

  • How do senior executives inspire loyalty?
  • What difference do the ‘vision’ and ‘mission’ make to employees?
  • How does enthusiasm generate positive bottom line results?
  • How can intellectuals damage teams?

More than ever before Leadership is about people skills and the ability for those in positions of responsibility to be able to communicate effectively and build relationships at all levels.

Have you ever met the CEO who could not hold your gaze, or the one who was damned clever but couldn’t keep a team together; or the one with grand vision who was incapable of translating it into activity. These characteristics undermine credibility capability.

  • Eye contact conveys as much tone and attitude as Voice. Think about what gets communicated in the blinking of an eye; focus, confidence, trust. Without eye contact there may be mistrust or indifference; with eye contact signals are reinforced and there is clear engagement.
  • Damned clever people, who have no relationship skills, can be intimidating or seem arrogant to others, creating divisions and hierarchies. This causes friction and precludes open dialogue and can eventually dry up creativity. In any leadership role, academic and intellectual abilities must be balanced with high emotional awareness.
  • Converting ideas into activity is a key function of a Chief Executive and can make all the difference to an employee. Creating a vision and articulating the contributions individuals will make, converts a job of work into a work of art and underpins the pride and self-esteem with which colleagues will undertake their responsibilities.

USP impact programmes develop the skills to confidently lead and interact with those around you to achieve dynamic results in a positive and collaborative environment.

In six fully interactive sessions, delegates draw upon their own experiences and resources to review behaviour and attitudes and gain a deeper understanding of themselves and insight about others.

These revealing sessions build confidence, inspire collaboration and re-ignite passion and energy. The result is stronger and more inclusive individuals with greater self-awareness and ability to lead others, improving all round performance.

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