If you just spent several thousand pounds on a training course for your team, to develop performance and collaboration, the initial burst of energy and motivation can be quite gratifying.

When that dissipates into the same old routines and lacklustre achievement you might question your investment and wonder at the quality of the training.
Look a little closer to home!

People spend a long time architecting their work surroundings, who and what they sit next to, routines they employ and the practices and processes to get things done. Management encourage their staff to 'just do it', so they do. The overall environment is created and nurtured over months and years and becomes ingrained habit.

A weekend of training may awaken the desire for change and a different style of working, but unless the environment and routines change to implant and perpetuate the new approach, immediately, the momentum is lost and the energy and excitement soon follow.

Challenges to die for!

Performance improvement is founded upon the way you challenge your people. Setting general incremental growth targets is a feeble way of spurring your business or your people. They hide the real opportunities as well as disguise those areas that need radical action, such as disposal or closure. If there are no hard performance targets, there will be no sprinters in the fast track.

At USP Business Development we tease out the specific opportunities for exponential growth, help you identify prospective new revenue streams and then focus on integrating activities, efforts and training, to make them happen.

High Performance Teams

You won't add value and deliver results to customers unless you continually develop your people. However, unless you align people development to your overall business development strategy, the skills and capabilities are likely to be mismatched.

Most teams work together through uncontested habit and routine. That may be fine if their performance breaks records and beats expectations. Anything less than that is a comfort zone that holds neither promise nor persuasion.

Our impact training Leadership & Team-Building programme inspires, motivates, enthuses and empowers high performance.

Impact Flow


People yearn to be stretched. They crave being given the opportunity and tools to deliver, so long as the measure of performance is fair and achievements are both recognised and rewarded. The Sunday Times 'Top 100 Best Companies to Work For' bears this out.

There are many good reasons for reviewing your strategy and performance.

Make your investment count! Set your team alight.

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