Psychology Of Change

‘The Psychology of Change’ examines the realities of change as a natural part of our lives and how we can best equip ourselves to handle change in a positive and constructive way.

A LIFETIME OF CHANGE: ‘No opportunity for standing still. Change will happen anyway, better to embrace it, run with and control it’

CHANGE IN THE WORKPLACE: ‘In understanding how Change will impact on others, we can prepare better and be more open in our approach’

STRATEGIES FOR DEALING WITH CHANGE: ‘How we can drive for best performance by giving others a stake in the Change process’

POSITIVE OUTCOMES: ‘Personal gains from optimising the opportunities that arise with Change’

Our seminar explores:

  • Assessment & Reactions To Change
  • Behaviours & Attitudes – Positive & Negative
  • Understanding Feelings & Anxieties
  • Resistance & How to overcome it

Delegates will learn how to achieve the sense of Achievement/Contribution/Identity that will gain confidence and commitment to change.



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