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Here are some of the plans and programmes we use and some of the things we have been asked to provide advice on, please feel free to adapt them for your own use.

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Articles & Publications

In all organisations, the most complicated areas to get right are the ones that deal with people. Whether that means clients, customers, consultants or employees getting the relationships right is crucial to overall success. Here are some ideas that work.

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Presentations & Workshops

Our presentations and workshops are tailored to your organisation to deliver real focus and impact.

  •  21st Century Leadership - "why people skills matter"
  •  Developing presence and confidence
  •  Branding 'What's in a name'
  •  Topics to stimulate 'natural' conversation
  •  Strategic networking for business development
  •  How to 'work a room'
  •  Building professional relationships
  •  Corporate networking
  •  Internal networking
  •  Making the most of your advertising budget
  •  Business development in a new sector/market
  •  Intelligent and interactive corporate communications
  •  Productive marketing campaigns
  •  Successful 'follow-up' activity

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