Delegate comments and 3 key benefits of the course:

1. Develop your conviction in yourself
2. Greater team awareness
3. Development as a leader

‘USP training is a journey which makes you examine who you are and how you work with others. It is challenging, motivating and energising. Not for the feint-hearted ?

Jo Hutchinson – Managing Director – Simply Stuck Limited

1. Real opportunity to consider and reflect upon leadership
2. Excellent means of raising self-awareness and motivation
3. Thought provoking process with real sense of achievement

‘A unique experience with real challenge; with demanding, thought provoking impact. A valuable training opportunity for leaders of all levels of experience.’

(Ex-Brigadier) Jeffrey Cook

1. Truly understanding working as a team
2. Articulating my vision and mission in a real way
3. Communicating effectively (use of language and projection etc.)

‘A tough but transformational experience that makes you question yourself deeply and find the answers!’

Laura Walker – Head of Languages – City of Ely Community College

1. Confidence building
2. To improve communication skills
3. Improves leadership skills

‘This is a tough deep and very meaningful course that people in all aspects of life will benefit from. Everyone will take something away from it'’

Ryan O’Mahony – Technical Design Authority – Sungard Vivista

1. Learning does take place
2. You learn as a team member and as a team leader
3. Your behaviours and actions are central to the experience and you grow as a result

‘This is a transformational course; I have moved forward over the last 48 hours in a way that I have never done on any previous course, nor over a similar timeframe in life!’

Lorna Sampson – Project/Bid Director - VT Education & Skills PLC

1. Genuine personal development opportunity
2. Leadership & business focus
3. Very rewarding

‘This course presents a first class opportunity to develop yourself and make you more effective as a person. It is highly challenging yet fun. The focus of the course is based upon social and business principles – Excellent

Gus Nabney – Director – AJN Crisis Manangement

1. Reflection time – time to be honest with yourself!
2. Challenge that you don’t always think you can do it
3. Tied emotions into the academic - powerful

‘A rollercoaster of emotions from highs to lows – allow yourself to be fully engaged for the greatest impact.’

Jill Geddes – Lister Community School

1. Help to re-focus on what is important
2. To effectively communicate
3. To make decisions to implement your goal

‘A journey of discovery. Thoughtful and provoking’

Roberta Jervis – Director - Pure Surveillance Limited

1. The confidence you leave with
2. Leadership skills you learn
3. Team-building skills you learn

‘It was a real fun learning process for me. At the start I didn’t have much confidence – by the time I left I was full of confidence, energy and feeling fantastic! Everyone should do it’’

Chinna Wodu - Actor

1. Build on confidence and self-awareness
2. Build on team-building
3. Helps you to focus

‘The USP course is something I have never encountered before. Over the past 48 hours I have been on an emotional rollercoaster that has been challenging, both physically and mentally. I recommend to all those wishing to develop themselves both professionally and in their self-awareness. Trust the process.’

Natasha Grainger – London Marathon Limited

1. Helps you focus your mind on what is really important
2. Renewed sense of motivation to take on challenge
3. Very safe environment to test and stretch yourself

‘Come with an open mind and you’ll leave with a fresh perspective on life!’.

Nicki Robertson – Senior Resource Planning Manager - Royal Bank of Scotland

1. Time to focus on yourself
2. Time to discuss leadership issues and contexts
3. Time to think out your ’game plan’

‘An innovative, challenging course that is well worth going on if you are in a position of leadership’

Simon Ovens – Chief Superintendent – Metropolitan Police

1. Self discovery & self analysis
2. Being taken out of your comfort zone - and surviving!
3. Learning the true meaning of teamwork

‘Insightful, uncomfortable at times, but incredibly worthwhile. A must for any would be or current leaders.’

Sandy Ruddock – Senior Consultant - Public i

1. Really helps self-awareness
2. Helps development of emotional intelligence
3. Produces rapid bonding

A challenging programme which delivers real results by the end.’

Kellam Greenwood – Director – Unlocking Talent

1. Surprises all the way
2. Real development
3. Lasting impact

‘Be prepared to ‘stick it out’. I nearly missed the key issues and therefore the learning point- that would have been a disaster and a real shame for me. This is so worthwhile'

Heather White – MD – Magic of Networking

1. Focus on what really matters as leaders
2. Clarity of your role as an agent of change in leadership
3. Action plan of what I will do next to transform myself as a leader and be more inspirational

‘You have to physically do it to benefit, but it is a journey to self-discovery that will project you forward to becoming a world class leader, demanding world class performance from your team/people’

Michelle Trickett-Smith – Strategy & Business Improvement - BT

1. Learning about yourself
2. Learning to be confident
3. Being able to be comfortable with leadership

‘Arrive as one person – leave as another’

Ashley Grainger

1. Promotion of self-awareness
2. Time to focus on what matters most
3. Provides strong evidence of the power of teams

‘Worthwhile as long as you stick with it. On this course, you take some real risks and learn a great deal about yourself’

Dr Nick Whitehead – Head of Programme Delivery – W S Atkins

1. Self-awareness development
2. Impact on others
3. Planning for the future

‘A very different approach to a key challenge we face in business – “How to improve your leadership skills”. Thoroughly Recommended’

Dave Wood – General Manager – Global Mobility Practice - BT

1. Pushes you further than you’ve been pushed before
2. Gives an insight into other people
3. Proves how a strongly bonded team can be built in 48 hours

‘I have been challenged at every level of my being and I’ve been really surprised at my reaction to everything I’ve been through. Tough, emotional and I wouldn’t change it for the world’

Jane Swift - 21C CE Programme Director – BT
- President of BT Women’s Executive Network

1. To take part in exercises outside of your comfort zone
2. Learning how to deliver a compelling vision
3. Bonding with a new team

‘After attending the course I can confidently say ‘not all courses are the same’. You will take part in activities which will stretch you and leave you with techniques and ideas which will serve you well for the rest of your career’.

Martin Reid – Marketing Manager – Chartered Insurance Institute

1. Reflecting on my personal leadership style
2. Having 360 degree feedback during 48 hours
3. Experiencing the different styles of leadership & attributes of others

‘You are never ‘too seasoned’ as a leader, to experience this course and realise the impact it has on you!’

Stephen Grainger – Chief Superintendent – Metropolitan Police

1. Show – not tell
2. Structure matches content
3. Plenty of participation – no slack

A dynamic challenge that will alter your perception of yourself and others forever, expertly packaged and deployed in 48 hours’

Phill Legard – Senior Consultant – Caduceus Consulting

1. Build up of confidence
2. Take a great deal of knowledge from the course
3. Can really apply this to my team

‘A magnificent journey, that really stretches you. I feel reinvigorated and have learnt a great deal about myself and others. A ‘must do’ for Leaders and potential Leaders.

Dean Taylor – Senior Consultant – VEGA Group PLC

1. Re-focus energy towards what you want to achieve
2. Learn the requirements and benefits of leadership
3. Establish the basis of team-building & how to motivate team-members to be the best

‘It is a course which requires you to take risks and be honest with yourself, but helps you to discover & realise (in a way which can be applied to the ‘outside world’) what it takes to build a team, keep them motivated and to be an effective leader.

Paul Perry – Solicitor – Trowers & Hamlins

1. Personal learning journey
2. Learning from others experiences
3. Safe environment

‘A chance to develop true self-worth and use potential that you may not even know you have got’

Bob Broomfield – Head of Customer Experience (Health) - BT

1. Encourages you to come out of your comfort zone in a safe environment
2. Helps you develop your own self-awareness
3. Very participative

‘A unique experience which provided the opportunity for you to develop your leadership skills in a safe but very challenging environment’

Kim Glenister – Customer Services Director – Chartered Insurance Institute

1. Confidence I will meet the challenge
2. Focus – I need to think,  plan and structure work & life
3. Self-awareness

‘ Challenging, invigorating, makes you get out of your comfort zone in a safe environment. It will inspire you to do things differently and think about your actions and the affect they have on others’

Anita Broadhead – Senior Commercial Officer - DCSA – Ministry of Defence

1. I don’t work with the other members of the team and I can really let go
2. Takes you completely out of your comfort zone
3. It is truly transformational

‘A unique opportunity to develop and enhance your use and understanding of the key aspects and requirements of leadership. People not ready to give it their all should not apply!’

Robin Daw – Business Relationship Director – Royal Bank of Scotland   

1. Increased self-awareness
2. Inspiration from working with others
3. Honest, effective feedback

‘Weird! But Wonderful! A great opportunity to test and develop your own personal practical skills (The theory’s fine, but actually doing practical hands-on development makes all the difference.)

Sharron Taylor – Director – Knowles Management

1. Awareness of self
2. New ways of looking at things
3. Confidence building

‘Try it and see, but first ask what they expect to get from the course’

Joy Greenall – Training Manager – DCSA-DII – Ministry of Defence

1. To realise your potential
2. Access your vision and mission
3. Learn about all factors of leadership

‘A very challenging but highly beneficial course. It will bring you out of your comfort zone, but that’s what makes it worthwhile and gains the end result. You will see yourself change throughout the development of the programme, for the better’’

Katherine Batchelor – Sales & Marketing - Virgin

1. I have realised that I can be a valuable team member as well as a leader
2. I was happy to gain attention for my ideas without being pushy

‘It was a challenge from the beginning to the end. A unique and very enjoyable experience. An achievement’

Arabela Militaru – Analyst – London Stock Exchange

1. Discovery of the power of people
2. That teamwork and leadership is crucial
3. You realise that EVERYONE has something special to offer

'Uplifting, energising and a 'must do' if people want to stretch themselves and progress. If you are on a journey, when you start this course, it will add speed, direction and purpose. If you are not then it is about to start!!

Jeffrey Davies – Chief Inspector London Operations – Metropolitan Police

1. Makes you realise you can improve your performance
2. Gives you clear ideas on how to improve – and starts you on the road
3. Motivates, energises and gives you a fantastic teambuilding experience

'This course equips you to be an effective leader, demonstrates powerfully how to build a cohesive team from a disparate bunch of individuals and, most significantly, energises, motivates and enthuses you to go back to your work and materially 'lift your game.'

John Lewis – Director – The Charles Douglas Organisation Limited

1. I feel equipped to step outside of myself to speak
2. Provides the opportunity for self-assessment
3. Good ground for expanding goals and raising your sights

'Full, intense, energising, challenging, nurturing, valuable, scary, fun. Felt real benefit from circular energy, given and received.'

Jay Urquhart – Business Analyst - ATLAS Consortium - EDS

1. Clearer sense of where I want to go and how
2. A personal exploration of my true potential to achieve, in a safe environment
3. Development of a belief that I will make a difference

'A 'leadership' course that endeavours to 'turn over stones' deep within each individual in order to reveal how change is actually within an individual's control. Well worth the journey'

Commander Cate Pope – Head Programme Management Office - HQ DCSA - Ministry of Defence

1. Aim high
2. Face the challenges
3. Focus
4. Positive attitude – apply 'I Will' mentality

'Challenging, but lifestyle changing. Not for the feint-hearted, but anybody will benefit from the experience'

Tony Rudge – Senior Business Solutions Consultant – BT DFTS

1. I already feel that I have some of the skills, but it has never really 'clicked before
2. I feel that what I have learned will enable me to be a more rounded and inspirational person in all aspects of my life
3. It has also helped me clarify what I really want and set my goals to achieve

'You need stamina to attend – in terms of the long hours. You need to be open to new challenges and experiences. Expect to find it disconcerting to start with and expect it not to make sense, but also expect to finish the course with a sense of real achievement, with strategies you can apply to improve your life and lives of others around you.'

Kirsty Sharpe – Marketing Manager – BT DFTS

1. Personal assessment of where I am – in all aspects of my life
2. Have gained some key tools that I will be able to use in everyday life and in business
3. Actually putting the theory into practice – over and over

An extremely rewarding yet challenging course that continually necessitates 'outside the comfort zone' behaviour with unbelievable impact.

Paul Gamble – Director – Captive Solutions Limited

1. Increased overall awareness both of self and others
2. Really sharpened presentation/public speaking skills
3. Gave a good understanding of how teams form

'A very intensive 48 hours in which you (your barriers) are broken down and (you are) re-built with renewed energy and vitality.

Simon Swift – Chief Engineer – TRL Technology

1. Personal experience of team development
2. Collaboration of a supportive team
3. Increased focus and confidence

'A unique opportunity to experience growth and development of teams and to maximise your impact as a leader

Andrew Catto – Director – Catto Consulting Limited

1. Team Building development was superb
2. Individual confidence development
3. Enhance and develop projection +

'Enter the unknown with an open mind, attack the challenge ahead with vigour, challenge to understand and then let the course hit you with the outcome!'

Dave Moore – ATLAS Security Programme Manager - EDS

1. Forces you to re-think – re-evaluate
2. Under intense, yet supporting structure – forces some facing up to things
3. Safe environment to take risks

'Tough, demanding and as was stated – you have to stick with 'the process' – see it through to witness the changes and techniques come into action'

Gary Lynch – Business Improvement – BT DFTS

1. Team bonding, its benefits and the process (and being part of it)
2. Learning about elements and features of leadership
3. Getting useful feedback

'We were invited to trust a process. We did. It Works. It is 'uplifting' in terms of a genuine human bonding experience. You are drawn closer to a group of people and in doing so, discover more about your own identity, needs and focus of attention. You learn how you might lead and develop a more effective team. Highly Experiential.'

Terry Williams – Senior Consultant – HTI

1. Makes you get out of your 'comfort zone'
2. Unblocks triggers to enhance leadership skills
3. Unique mix of discipline, exercises and collaboration

'A must-have' for any aspiring leader. Unique set of skills and knowledge gained in a very safe environment. Inspiring!'

Bubbles White – (Ex) BT Global Services Employee Communications & Chair of BT London Women's Network

1. Get out of 'one's shell'
2. Breaks down human behaviour into chewable bites

'I left the class a few weeks ago with renewed motivation, recharged self-esteem batteries, and absolute determination to get out there and get myself a new job. Within 2 weeks I got a virtually impossible job because of you, your course and the people that inspired me over these remarkable 48 hours, and I think that you will be happy to know that'

Alex Iliopoulos – Accountant

1. Development of focus for my immediate future
2. Enhancement of self-awareness
3. A greater understanding of the needs of others

'A vehicle to develop understanding of leadership & team creation whilst at the same time forcing the individual to look closely at their own strengths and weaknesses'

Business Development Manager - Anonymous

1. Confidence to let my personality & passion shine through
2. Kept on practising presentation – until it clicked
3. Constructive feedback from tutors and other delegates

'Chance to meet other senior professionals in a neutral environment where you can practice leadership skills, uncovering your strengths and the style you are most comfortable with and see how other people do things differently. Be put on the spot in a supportive environment, be prepared to let your stereotypes, attitudes and behaviour be challenged.'

Jo Ann Sweeney – Director – Sweeney Communications

1. Learn about myself
2. Develop my vision and mission
3. Break down my barriers

'Intensive emotional self-discovery and opportunity to explore your values and beliefs within a 'safe' environment. Much more than just a leadership course'

Phil Cox – Principal Consultant – VEGA Group PLC

1. Time to experiment & stimulus on where to experiment
2. Challenge for everyone – means achievement of the impossible
3. Provision of tools to help lead and manage a team
4. Good, diverse mix of participants

'A very challenging 2 days in which you have the opportunity to break out and destroy some internal barriers and improve technical leadership skills'

George Budden – Director – Consultancy Firm

1. Explore practical approach to leadership & team-building
2. Develop your own vision and action plan to develop your leadership role and performance
3. Discuss and practice key skills in a supportive, but demanding environment

'A demanding practical course on Leadership Development that focuses on application, not theory It asks a lot and delivers a lot in return. You just have to be prepared to go along with it as you experience the process.'

Rob Sommerville – Consultant - Freestream

1. Identifies key constituent parts of leadership
2. Develops confidence through the practical elements
3. Combines a mixture of disciplines

'This is a practical, high in energy and output leadership course, which combines some traditional elements of this type of training with a unique approach to its delivery, which is full of energy and passion.'

David Whittingham – Director

1. Creating a clearer vision of the way forward and how to achieve it
2. Challenging boundaries of perception
3. Excitement that comes with working with new people and sharing ideas in a safe environment

'Very challenging but deeply satisfying opportunity to review goals and methods for achieving them. Motivational and inspiring.'

James Hawkins – Partner – Trowers & Hamlin (Law firm)

1. Reinforcement of vision of what and where I want to be
2. Conviction that I can do better and achieve more
3. Tool-set to refer back to, to ensure I am still focused to achieve my vision

'You need to really want to achieve and grow yourself. You need to be committed both to yourself and to others. You also need to be prepared to be pushed beyond your confident zone. If prepared to do these things, by the end you will have greater understanding of yourself and confidence in your capabilities, plus enhanced skills to increase your leadership effectiveness.'

Elizabeth A Foot – Psychiatry Genetics – Glaxo Smith Kline

1. Drives people to identify & analyse their goals and motivation
2. Creates a real sense of positive energy from team work
3. Presents a personal challenge. It stretched me to focus on a few of my stumbling blocks and to perform better

'A course aimed for individuals that aspire to improve their self-awareness and motivation and to clarify their vision and mission as individuals and team leaders and to exercise assertive public speaking.'

Francesca Biondi – HR Manager - Orange Group Plc

1. Public speaking strengthening
2. Ability to strip down a presentation to crucial ‘I’ requirements
3. Useful knowledge about teams, leadership, motivation and creativity

'A tough experience that develops your public speaking skills and gives useful knowledge. However, the delivery style is at times idiosyncratic of authoritarianism, which tarnishes what is otherwise a pristine experience. That’s my view at completion anyway.'

Tom Gilmore – Proposition Marketing Manager – Telecomms

1. No compromise on standards
2. Challenging personal behaviour – ‘not my style’ is not allowed
3. Motivating change on a personal, organisational basis

'Difficult, intense and worthwhile!'

Gareth McAreavey – Security Consultant – ACC Limited

1. Support & encouragement from team members
2. Variety and effectiveness of the discussions and exercises
3. The projection exercises

'I thoroughly enjoyed the programme – Thank You – The days were long and intense, but I know that my experiences will pay dividends now and in the future. Thank you.'

Steve O’Smotherly – Executive Coach & Leadership Trainer – Ortanix

1. Breaking leadership into manageable elements
2. Exploring and trying different techniques to develop these elements
3. Building immense confidence that I’m now equipped to lead

'The intense focus of the course and being pushed to the limit has left me exhausted, but equipped and confident in my abilities to lead my team forward.'

Stephen Burden – Director – Deloitte & Touche

1. There is no escape from personal fears – Just Do It!
2. Forming a team with total strangers in such a short time
3. Breaking social barriers

'NEW! – challenging, exhausting, rewarding, inspiring, invigorating'

James Tonkin – Actor

The exercises are well thought out and got the messages home well. I can also see how this style of delivery provides an intense and memorable experience.

I have found the programme very interesting. A fascinating couple of days. Thank you

Debra Larkman – Ove Arup – Global Training & Development Manager

The course broke down my self-consciousness and I feel able to confront situations I am not usually comfortable with

Julia Bond – Credit Suisse First Boston – MD

This course has a visionary approach. I particularly enjoyed the self-awareness thinking and I recognise that I can do and enjoy things that I normally hate

Very varied programme. Really enjoyed the learning experience.

Helen Stephens – Libra Eight – Business Consultant

It is a different style and gave me the opportunity to undertake personal development. It was good for working on my discipline and I enjoyed the experience of doing it with new people.

I am sure that over time, I will see even deeper benefits

Mark Lewis – The Wizards Network - MD

The course got me to look at my role & vision as a leader, the importance of projecting my voice with passion and enthusiasm and how I can learn and grow through stepping out of my comfort zone

I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience on the course. I have learnt more about myself and am sure further insights will come from my reflections on what I did and how I felt.

Debbie Beauchamp – Standard Chartered – Head of Business Development

The key benefits of this course were:

1. Pulling a new team together
2. Pushing individual comfort zones
3. Raising self-awareness

I had some great learning around my voice projection when I talk about subjects that are important to me. I also learned potential strategies to access that state.

Entrepreneur - MD

I enjoyed the opportunity to mix with wide variety of interesting people. There was no escape from being on the spot. It definitely did things entirely different from normal courses

Mixed – stimulating and challenging. Some bits totally frustrating initially.

Helen Kaczmarek – DfES – Senior Manager

I have increased my confidence, particularly in presenting and my self-awareness and understanding of others. I was impressed with the rapid team building

Although I did not like the first module, the experience going through the course put me more at ease. I believe that in the next couple of weeks I will see more benefits from the training.

Gordon Black – Clydesdale Bank – Regional Director

The course enabled me to practice behavioural change in a safe environment and gave me a chance for self-reflection & evaluation. It was a key opportunity to step outside my comfort zone and grow

Jim Rahaman – Itochu – Senior Manager

I was made to participate and face demons. The course is not cuddly and you get failed – you have to improve. You really have to think and you cannot ‘bullshit’

Although I am relieved it is over, but I know that when I think about the course over the weekend I will clap myself on the back

Naomi Moss – Trowers & Hamlins – Head of Marketing

The course allowed me to think about personal vision at a deeper level. As a result I have better self-awareness and more focus

I was dreading the start of the day 2 and feeling quite euphoric by the end.


The key benefit of this course was the style – I really enjoyed the physical challenges and the pressure. It asks very strong questions about yourself – you cannot hide

Went through many different emotions- from fear to elation- at different times. Felt physically shattered by the end – but very pleased that I did it. I thoroughly enjoyed working with the other participants and felt supported throughout.

Mark Bridges – HSBC Insurance – Senior Manager

The course is very different to ‘usual’ training styles – a fresh approach. It does challenge complacency. It shakes the ‘comfort zone’. I enjoyed mixing with the broad range of people on the programme

Challenging. At times frustrating, but also illuminating. I really need more time to reflect on the process.

Steve Short – MD

I feel that I have committed to being my own leader. I like the different methodologies and positioning of the course and working intensively with the content and participants.

Initially anxious, I decided to ‘trust the process’ and ended up thoroughly enjoying it. I will use what I’ve learned.

Michael Gold– Libra Eight– Business Psychologist

The course breaks down barriers very quickly. It builds trust in others and yourself. It was challenging but exhilarating and I am proud to get through it!

I am sure it will prove really useful. Thank you

Emma Hayes – Trowers & Hamlin – Senior Manager


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