Strategic Networking

Being in the right place at the right time to meet the right people takes more than a matter of luck. Participating in the right networks opens up genuine opportunities for making business connections with your target market. Anything less is just a distraction from your home comforts.

We deliver a highly focused workshop that demonstrates how to create a network from scratch or, for those who are already networking, how to refine their networks. The session takes the audience through dynamic networking models, illustrating how to locate and pinpoint specific sector or professional networks and events that will be attended by their targets. The audience is encouraged to participate interactively to develop their own strategic networking plan and individually focused models. Finally, the group is shown how they can match their own values and interests to their target group to create common ground, essential for building trust and developing relationships.

This workshop is ideal for audiences who are seeking to increase sales or refocus their business development prospects. It can also be useful for enhancing career opportunities.

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