USP 'Soft skills - hard results' programme

Bringing independent 'fresh eyes' into a business or project team can help to re-align focus with strategic objectives. Understanding what each team member can contribute to the group and how they can make themselves heard is important for the team to be effective. When teams have been around for a while they can become stale and lose the momentum that energised and motivated earlier achievements.

Do some of your partners or senior managers regularly struggle to meet their performance targets?
Are some of them lacking in social skills or confidence, reducing their effectiveness in business development?
Are they shy of reviewing targets because they know they are under performing?

Do you feel powerless to improve overall performance?

Many organisations provide continuing development in technical skills training, but neglect the 'people skills'. This is either because they assume these are 'natural' or cannot be trained. Both of these assumptions are wrong.

Our 'soft skills - hard results' programme is aimed at developing individuals for their own benefit, improving confidence, communication and rapport building skills and ability to win new business.

The course is structured around your existing contacts and professional memberships and so delivers immediate benefit. The collective and individual participation and progress is continuously monitored and nurtured to maintain momentum and personal growth.

Successful outcomes include:

  • Applied networking and relationship development strategies and techniques - developing new clients and business referral source
  • Mapped and monitored objectives and progress linked into actual business development plans - promoting active and effective follow-up
  • Enduring behavioural change achieved through continuing skills development - long-term results
  • Improved selling skills - facilitating client development and cross-selling

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