Discovering Your Voice, Value and Potential

USP Business Motivational Seminars are suited to audiences of 80-300 delegates and can last from 60 minutes to 3 hours.

They are tailored around the needs and goals of the organisation and focus on improving performance by providing insights, motivation and generating ‘can do’ attitude.

'Discovering Your Voice, Value and Potential' explores how individuals:

  • express themselves, interact with others and make themselves known in the organisation
  • determine their worth by understanding what they bring to the organisation
  • and looks at how they develop their skills and stretch their capabilities

Voice looks at - verbal and non-verbal communication, engagement and information sharing and gets individuals to review their own style.

Value considers - Skills, Knowledge & Experience alongside Energy, Knowledge & Relationship Building that are fundamental to the healthy balance of high functioning teams

Potential explores - the boundaries of the Comfort Zone & the Growth Zone and gets individuals to consider how stretch and challenge develop their capabilities and confidence.

Using a psychological foundation to explore behaviours and attitudes, the session is informative, insightful and highly interactive, with constructive business outputs and individual learning.

Business Outputs can be tailored around particular business / organisational needs to develop performance/business/customer service improvements.

Individual Outputs can be tailored to personal communications / personal development or other appropriate focus.

Delegates say:

'Outstanding, a great combination of real information, combined with fun'; 'Fantastic, I was sceptical at the outset, but was inspired by the different elements'

'I have never experienced anything like that was excellent’

'I was dreading a lot of phoney, tokenistic stuff, but that was really worthwhile'



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