Calibre Leadership Programmes for Young Adults

Achieving great academic qualifications is no guarantee of being recruited into a high salaried job and many graduates find themselves burdened with the debt of their university education without the benefit of commensurate opportunity.

Employers can find it hard to differentiate between academically qualified job candidates and so look for additional qualities that will distinguish those who will be able to engage effectively in their organisations. Those qualities mark out individuals who communicate well, are able to build relationships, respect diversity and can work collaboratively.

Our Calibre Leadership Programme is uncompromising in the demands it places upon delegates, requiring the same standards of interaction and engagement as our Executive Trailblazer programmes. We find that the delegates engage faster and reach deeper into the challenges.

• Leadership techniques work-out
• Presentation and projection audit
• Strategy and communication
• Tough personal challenge
• Behaviour contrast and benchmarking

The rewards are outstanding!

Transformational confidence development and growth in self-awareness founded on a deeper understanding of relationships, motivation and leadership.

Our 48 hour intense residential programmes are suitable for Sixth Form through to Graduate level and we offer discounted rates to Schools, Colleges and Universities.

‘I would like to thank the USP team for giving such an excellent opportunity to 22 of our sixth formers. The overwhelming feeling is one of praise and delight at really learning something about themselves. It is clear they found the programme exciting, demanding and rewarding! They are lucky people!’

Mark Eagers, Headmaster - Box Hill School Dorking

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