Young Adult References


30 Delegates – 14 different nationalities

1. You become more aware of yourself and how you are perceived by others
2. You gain confidence(the idea of the sky is the limit
3. You gain a different set of leadership skills that will benefit you for day to day life

`It’s really tough at first and then stays tough from beginning to end. But you gain so much from it, which will benefit you in life and others around you.’

Tracy Kiryango

1. Getting to understand more about myself
2. Feeling much more confident
3. A feeling of achievement

`I started the course not knowing what to expect. I had no idea of how much the course would affect me. I have come away feeling more confident in myself and believing more in my capabilities’

William Davis

1. I am now feeling a proud person
2. I have found friends
3. I have seen I am accepted for what I am and have let fall away my opinion that nobody likes me…I now see it is exact opposite

‘It is hard and emotional, but you will gain so much from it. This will have a long term effect on me, with guarantee. First you will hate it and think the leaders are devils but when you have successfully finished, you can say ‘Wow’ and you are proud believe me. The feeling you then have is the best you can ever have in your life’

Johanna Berges

1. Got to realise what I can achieve in life
2. Gets you to think about your future
3. Sort of prepares you for interviews

`You get an idea of your future and what you can achieve in life’

Vanessa von Falz-Fein

1. Sense of achievement
2. Became a different person
3. Confidence

`This course is challenging and at times very frustrating but you must give, because for me personally it’s turned out to be one of my greatest experiences. This course brought out the best in me and trust me it would do the same for you.’

Dorival Sumbe

1. Boosts self-confidence
2. Identifies your vision
3. Changes perceptions of others

`This programme was mentally tough, but has changed the way I see my life and others around me. I have rubbed out many pre-judgements I have had.’

Dominic Russell

1. More motivated
2. Better communication skills
3. A good challenge in areas of difficulty (eg Public speaking)

`The course starts tough, but stick with it – be committed – a good leadership skill. Ry your best and challenge yourself to improve the things you ‘think’ you’re scared of.’

Kisen Ghedia

1. I learned more about myself – weaknesses and strengths
2. Gained more self confidence
3. Got to talk to more new people (that I don’t normally speak to)

`First it was making me go mad and frustrated, but as the course went on I understood why we had to do all the activities. This is a life experience that I will never forget and I feel better just by being myself now.’

Jenny Eum (South Korea)

1. Learning leadership skills
2. Find my goal/aim
3. Communication with others

`It was the greatest course I’ve ever had. I didn’t like it at first, but when I finish I felt so great. Feel I achieved something. So don’t miss the opportunity to do this!’

Taishi Hosoido (Japanese)

1. It helps you get a clear focus of where you want to go
2. It increases your confidence
3. It makes you believe in yourself and makes you feel you can achieve anything

`I would recommend this course to everyone, as afterwards you feel much better about yourself and your confidence is sky high. It brings you together as ateam and you get to learn more about other people.

Amie Harvey (British)

1. Improve in communication with others
2. Learn to trust others
3. Motivate others

`Although it was tough at the beginning, as soon as you get involved in the groups, everyone is helping each other to solve problems’

Kit Lai (Hong Kong - Chinese)

1. Challenge
2. Identity of your strengths and weaknesses
3. Getting to know people

Challenging but effective.’

Alexander Andrusenko (Russian)

1. The focus you can control, so powerful
2. The stages that other people look at you (first impressions)
3. The instruction you receive

`Excellent – DO IT! – You will love it. Challenging, fun, exciting. You will not give up until you have achieved it – You will not let yourself give up’

Ben Sbuttoni (British)

1. Wider view of life
2. Leadership qualities gained
3. Confidence, self belief!

`Amazing! The course leaders may seem strict, but are genuinely good people. I enjoyed fuly and it has helped me become a greater leader.

Mumin Abdul

1. A different form of teaching
2. An experience to learn more about life
3. Gain useful tips on communication

`A tough 48 hours, but interesting experience’

Chris Monk (British)

1. They show you what you are doing wrong
2. You build up some very strong friendships
3. You improve your leadership skills

`This course is a very good help on the long way to self awareness and self confidence’

Daniel Kahsnitz (German)

1. It helps to focus you
2. It identifies problem areas
3. It develops your confidence

`An exhausting but worthwhile experience’

Ruth Barnes

1. To understand human personalities
2. How powerful you are
3. How much you can influence others

`I would say you if you learn this course, your future life is guaranteed’

Sam Taherian

1. Encourages you to look at your strengths and weaknesses
2. To feel the power of an efficient team
3. To make it clear that sometimes it is important to take risks

`Challenging and initially confusing, in terms of where the exercises are leading, but then definitely worthwhile’

Katy Quicke

1. Fun course
2. Motivation
3. Confidence

`I have never felt as confident as I am now. I loved this course and I will never forget it. I have improved what I was aiming to improve. Thank you for everything you have done’

Amin Rezaei

1. Seeing improvement in others
2. Having your own voice
3. Being (almost) made to speak

`Don’t give up or you’ll miss out. You get as much out as you put in – it’s your choice. Follow the rules and you will go a long way’

Peter Street

1. Public speaking
2. Confidence
3. Trust & respect

`You find out new things about yourself, that you never knew. Emotional rollercoaster!. An amazing course that shows exactly who you are then helps you become who you want to be.’

James Jackson

1. Gives you a direction in life
2. Gives you the chance to break your boundaries
3. Gives you the chance to turn over a new leaf

`At the beginning it is bloody tough, you want to leave and think the instructors are the ‘spawn of the devil’. But by the end you don’t want it to end and you feel such gratitude and thanks for the people who have done such great things for you.’

Hayley Meeking

1. You develop confidence
2. You develop self motivation
3. Key qualities essential for life

`It is tough at first but stick with it. I personally wanted to quit but chose not to. I am so glad I stayed with it and the feeling of accomplishment is amazing’

Rob Wigley

1. Confidence
2. Self awareness
3. Self motivation

`The end result is the greatest sense of achievement you can ever have’

Abel Asmah

1. Boosts your confidence
2. Gives more focus on your vision
3. Gives you more self-awareness

`Very intense. At first you do not recognise the changes in your confidence and attitude, but in the end you can really feel it. Very emotional at times.

Sophie Etscheid

1. Confidence
2. Team working
3. Self-motivation

`It is tough but just complete it and you will feel the difference’

Isabelle Hubner

1. Now I understand why I do what I do
2. It has made me realise I am worth something
3. I now know that other people understand me and how I act and think without pre-judging me

`You have to have motivation and belief, even if you are shy. It helps you find out who you are. It is emotional and it has an excellent end effect.’

Jessica Pickett

1. Understanding team work
2. How to behave in future life – ie interviews
3. It also helps to improve your public speaking

`It is a great way to build confidence and it can help you see where you are going’

Ben Ward


22 Delegates – 10 different nationalities

  • This course, whilst being the most tiring and frustrating, has brought out confidence in myself and in the rest of the team.

    Throughout the weekend I have seen people do things they would never do before, such as public speaking.

    ‘Everything has a reason’ as quoted by our Instructor and I can see that now.

  • WONDERFUL EXPERIENCE. That’s what I feel now. I realise that all I need is – belief in myself – belief in my abilities. I will use this experience as best I can in my life!

  • As I wrote on the other paper – the team building project is great. I’m really glad I did the team building project. This kind of project should increase all over the world. I really feel thanks to the school who gave me chance to do this project.


  • Too many things I have learned from this course. It’s incredible, unbelievable. I feel confidence. I can do.

  • This course taught me more than I could ever have imagined about myself. I am now very confident and I WILL achieve all that I set out to do.

  • I have so much confidence and belief in myself, I have learnt so much about my friends, about myself. How to work properly in a team. Thank you.

  • I am a lot confident now. I like myself more and I have started to get to know how to switch off my embarrassment. This course has made a real revolution in me. Thank you very much.

  • I felt I have gained a lot of confidence from this course. It was worth spending one weekend in school to do this. It was a good opportunity for developing skills together.

  • This course has been amazing. I was so nervous to start with and this course has built my confidence so much. I have also learnt a lot about myself. I think everyone can benefit from this course.

  • I have had an incredible sense of team spirit and have become more confident in my approach to others. It has taught me how to focus and be enthusiastic in all that I do.

  • How I Benefited from this course

    When I started this course I was anxious and nervous, but at the end I grew and it gave me new confidence and inner strength

  • Most of the activities were good, but some were a bit odd. It could not be any tougher. But, it brought out the maximum teamwork – I became confident through every single one. Definitely worthwhile and fun.

  • This course is excellent in boosting people’s confidence and hidden capabilities. It is very variable in the exercises and task and serves the people that haven’t had the chance of working as part of a team!

  • It was very enjoyable. This course taught me how to communicate, telling what exactly in mind rather in most efficient way. I now destroyed all my fears inside to stand in front of everyone.

  • I have come so far
    I gained confidence
    I am more comfortable within this team and now I know how to put all I’ve learnt into practice and I WILL!
    I can see it in others and that makes me so proud. THANK YOU

  • The course has been an amazing experience and I have not regretted one minute of it. My self-confidence and leadership skills have improved greatly as a result.

  • I feel more confident. I am part of a team that can support me in school life, in social or private life!

  • Brilliant experience I have learnt more than I ever thought possible. I am without a doubt more confident in myself and comfortable being around new people.

  • It definitely helps gain self-confidence and team work skills. It is worth doing for sure.

  • It was a very powerful new experience for me. The course has really let me explore myself and those around me so that we can work more effectively and understand each other better.

  • I know I benefited from this course. I can feel my confidence and my leadership abilities. Before I couldn’t express and share my feelings but now I am more open and so have grown.



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