Programme Management

Complex programmes frequently take years in delivery, operate with multiple challenges and high ambiguity factors and require inclusive stakeholder engagement to steer through the issues and difficulties that will arise. Our experienced professionals have a sound understanding of MSP® practices, governance and controls, but also bring the pragmatic solutions and industry insights that influence pace and rigour; driving performance to achieve the right outcomes.

We integrate with the existing delivery team to identify improved ways of working; building trust, collaboration and effective solutions from within. Planning, coordinating and managing the risks and opportunities, we also provide key business metrics and manage the Assurance activities. We can help you to develop successful Main Gate Business Cases/ Investment and Approvals Committee submissions and support Major Projects Authority reviews (to meet reporting requirements of HM Government).

Business Transformation/ Change Management

In all major change programmes, there is resistance from the entrenched ‘old guard’ who want to keep things as they are. We are experienced in shaping successful Change programmes and creating the urgency to deliver tangible change. We efficiently implement the systems and processes that will achieve your expectations and help you move off the burning platform. This means mapping the business transformation criteria into objectives, goals and KPIs, but more importantly it means involving your people to ensure that they embrace the change and help to make it successful.

When it comes to improving organisational effectiveness, engaging external help can be the best solution. We support you in focusing on the things that matter most; turning the opportunity into a positive experience. No politics, no personal agendas, just tough love and common goals that deliver great results.

Cyber Resilience of Industrial Control Systems and Operational Technologies

Cyber security threats are increasing in frequency and constantly evolving, with the potential to cause business interruption and economic impacts. Cyberattacks on critical national infrastructure are becoming more sophisticated and more damaging when they succeed.  Protecting your Network and Information System assets is now a requirement of the EU NIS Directive. Effective from May 2018 providers of Essential Services must be able to demonstrate cyber resilience (ISO27001) and business response and recovery (ISO22301) or face potential breach fines of up to 4% of global turnover. Organisations are required to report incidents/ breaches within 72 hours of discovery.

We can help you assess your Operational Technology cyber risk management/ incident response plans and governance framework to ensure that you are compliant with the NIS Directive whilst improving your cyber resilience.